TigerView PACS

Televere Systems’ TigerView PACS offers workflow specific to your market. Defining market needs and developing a PACS product affordable for the consumer is always the underlying focus for a Televere Systems product.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools – Manipulate crystal clear images. Easily review angles and measurements, find the midline and center point, utilize stitching, cropping and magnification tools which help to better diagnose and communicate with your patients.

Market Specific Measurements – More Efficient workflow Multitude of measurement tools specific to all markets such as Medical, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Veterinary, Non-Destructive Testing and Security

PACS Viewer – Modality support

  • Computed Radiography (CR)
  • Direct Digital Radiography (DR)
  • Ultrasound (US)
  • Video clips from fluoroscopes
  • Digitized x-ray film
  • Color digital camera images for wound care progression
  • Intra-oral & Extra-oral cameras

Multi-Room Image Display and Web Access – Assists patient education

TigerView networking allows your digital images to be displayed and viewed in your exam rooms and non-patient areas that are equipped with PC’s immediately after they have been scanned. Using TigerView CLOUD, easily access your images with your iPad or Apple device remotely, wherever you have an internet connection

EMR or Charting Integration – Easy link from your EMR

Seamlessly link or bridge from your EMR/EHS clinical and management systems. TigerView currently has specific bridges which enables the exchange of patient information, known as enhanced interoperability. This link is available through your practice management system or the TigerLink function.

What Does TigerView PACS Offer – Substance

Key DICOM Services, Including:

• DICOM Receive, Storage Commit and Modality Worklist
• DICOM Send
• View DICOM Header Information
• DICOM CD/DVD Import and Archival
• DICOM CD/DVD Burn Functionality

• Lossless Image Compression
• Off-site Back-up Options
• View Images From Any Webenabled PC with TigerView Cloud
• Web-enabled Viewer
• Touchscreen Friendly
• Dual Monitor Friendly
• Filter, Search & Sort MWL

• User Customizable Filters
• Ability to Edit Patient/Study Information
• Multiple Image Viewing
• Full Set of Editable Measurements & Annotation Tools
• Cross Reference Lines
• Worklist Search