Head & Neck Imaging with Planmed Verity®

With the head and neck imaging option for the Planmed Verity® CBCT scanner, you can extend your capabilities to cover your ENT and basic 3D dental imaging needs. The exceptional image quality combined with patient and volume positioning options makes it possible to acquire images of the head and neck region with greater precision than before. Convenient positioning and open design help reducing anxiety for the patient.

High-quality 3D images
The high-quality images of the Planmed Verity® scanner visualize even the smallest bone structures with minimal interference. Isotropic resolution of 200um, advanced image processing algorithms and rigid patient positioning enable high quality images. With the Planmeca CALM™ algorithm, unnecessary exposures of the sensitive head and neck area can be avoided. Moreover, Ultra Low Dose imaging is a valuable addition to head area studies where special attention has to be paid to the minimization of patient radiation dose.

Maximal patient comfort
The walk-in type of positioning makes the imaging of the head area fast and efficient. Patient comfort is maximized with two convenient sitting positioning choices, positioning trays, a positioning camera, and lasers. Imaging protocols are optimized for these to cover typical areas of interest such as sinuses, maxillofacial area, and teeth.

Scientific publications
The Planmed Verity scanner is also widely used in research projects. The clinical outcomes have been proven in various studies around the world. A list of publications with summaries can be seen below. Contents vary from weight-bearing studies to fracture diagnostics comparisons between modalities and patient dose analyses.