JOB Porta 380HF “The Green Machine Lightweight”

The Lightest Portable 80 KvP X-Ray Generator on the Market

Perfect for Equine!

“The Green Machine Lightweight” Porta 380HF is the newest technology to hit the Veterinary market. It is the only portable x-ray machine on the market boasting a (6) six year parts warranty. Manufactured in Japan with the highest quality parts available. This powerful and light x-ray machine weighs only 12.5 lbs. “The Green Machine Lightweight” is versatile and perfect for equine practices! Light enough to be brought into the field and carried around by anybody!!

Here are the outstanding features for this system:
• High Frequency – High Output 2 kW, 80 kVp, 30 mA
• Rotary Switches for easy and quick selection of kVp and mAs
• Programmable APR stores up to (8) presets
• Automatic mAs control for line voltage compensation (helpful with long extension cords)
• Dual Distance lasers preset to 26” providing accurate FFD for Equine Usage
• Aluminum Carrying Case for easy transport
• 12.5 Lbs.
• (6) Year Standard Parts Warranty