ScanX Duo

Advance Your Practice to the Next Level of Care

The ONLY unit in the Market that Handles Size #6

Increased Practice Productivity

The ScanX Duo’s fresh white and polished silver design brings a contemporary look to your practice. A faster scan time delivers a full mouth series in just a couple of minutes and the display illuminates when the system is ready for use and while reading plates.

Versatile and efficient

ScanX Duo rapidly produces digital, diagnostic quality radiographs in all intraoral dental sizes, 0 through 4, and even size 6. The dual plate scanning capability makes it exceptionally efficient during times of heavy workflow.

Superb Diagnostics

Exceptional diagnostic image quality helps you detect pathologies under the gum that are not visible during a routine exam without radiographs.

Dual plate scanning – ScanX Duo is capable of reading images simultaneously from 2 image plates.
Cost-effective – Both practical and cost-effective, ScanX Duo will pay for itself in less than a year.
Highest image quality – Delivers 22 line pairs/mm and 1,100 dots per inch.
Image plates – Utilizes reusable, flexible and wire free image plates in all sizes, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.