Tiger Handheld Portable X-Ray

Handheld Cordless Portable Digital X-Ray System

The Industry Gold Standard

Rechargeable Li-polymer battery pack
Adjustable power settings from 1 mA to 5 mA and from 50kV to 80 kV
4.3” TFT touch-screen panel display and convenient UI
Works with other radiographic mediums: film, PSP plates, digital sensors and digital detectors
More than 200 shots possible on one battery charge
Color touch screen display
Wirelessly transfer images to your laptop or PC with a wireless detector
Compact shape and size
Meticulously sealed in lead to negate any leakage radiation exposure
Easy to use, comfortable to handle
Multipurpose: Medical, Orthopedic, Veterinary, Military, NDT, Security & Dental
5-joint arm stand available!