Tiger DR-P Podiatry

Most Advanced Gadox Flat Panel Solution

Premium Gadox Wireless 12×12 & 14×17 Flat Panel Detectors

High Quality, yet Simple and Cost-effective – Truly Wireless Premium Gadox Solution

Tiger DR-PW 12”x12” and 14”x17” are Premium Gadox cassette-size wireless flat panel detectors and do not require a cable connection with an X-ray generator to synchronize the signals.

These ultra thin and lightweight wireless detector allows digitizing without modification of existing conventional imaging systems. Cable free functionality gives the user a true wireless detector at a fraction of the cost.

Fast image acquisition time
Light and slim design
Web Viewer – Direct image review from any mobile devices
Long Battery life time
Internal Image Storage
4 Year Panel Warranty
Direct to PC – Truly Wireless Setup
TigerView software with Podiatry specific measurements
Directly integrates with TigerView software