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Computed Radiography (CR) provides digital replacement of conventional analog X-ray film while maintaining the practice’s existing workflow. This solution is more eco-friendly and reduces the time until the doctor has a diagnosable image. In addition, digital images can be shared directly with other users and easily archived.

Key advantages of CR include:

IP‘s are reusable
• No dark room or chemicals required
• Exposure and processing times reduced
• Easy workflow and image optimization with imaging software
• Simple to share and archive digital information

CR technology consists of a 3-step process

The image plate (IP) is exposed with X-ray radiation, which causes the phosphor layer in the plate to store the latent image. During the reading process, a focused laser beam in the scanner releases the latent image information stored on the plate in the form of visible light photons. The emitted light is detected, captured and converted into electrical signals, which are digitized and then displayed as a digital image on the PC monitor. The internal in-line eraser removes the residual data from the IP, which is then ready for the next exposure.

Finely Focused Laser

The finely focused laser beam plays a crucial role when high resolution images are needed. To illustrate, imagine trying to draw a fine stroke with a broad brush. This principle is the same for scanning with a fine laser beam. The finest lesions or fractures are visible only with a tightly-focused laser beam.

Why CR technology from ALLPRO Imaging?

With thousands of installations worldwide, ALLPRO Imaging is dedicated to providing our customers superior products supported by professional customer relations and expert technical support. All image plate scanners from ALLPRO Imaging are distinguished by using the finest focused laser beam for scanning in their device class.