Tiger DR – HR DDS Vet Sensor

High Resolution Intra Oral CMOS Imaging Sensors

Simple Workflow – Instant Image – Highest Image Quality

Design and Innovation Excellence

Your successful veterinary practice deserves superior imaging equipment. The TigerDR – DDS Sensor Vet along with industry leading TigerView imaging software delivers the image quality that is expected by veterinary practitioners.

It is designed for exceptional diagnostic image quality. Detect pathologies under the gum that are not visible during routine exams without radiographs.

Ensure the best patient care as it improves office workflow. It is designed to reduces scatter and concentrate the energy to positively influence the best image quality and allow for faster transmission of high-resolution images.

TigerView imaging software is a complete image management system to acquire, store, view and share images. TigerView provides functionality that will significantly improve your work flow by providing better patient management and accurate diagnosis.